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Norris Law Group, P.C. assists families throughout Utah during difficult and stressful situations such as divorce and the disputes that arise during the divorce process. Our goal is to protect you, your children and maintain the integrity of the family relationships. With more than a decade of experience, Graham Norris is diligent in fighting for your rights while being compassionate during your family’s emotional transition. When you need the guidance and support of an experienced lawyer during this challenging time, let us help.

Family Law Services In UtahWhy you should choose us to assist you

Our years of experience in handling family law matters has provided us the necessary tools to make the process as least disruptive and cost-effective for your family as possible. When you partner with us, you receive:

  • Focus on preserving relationships. In all family law matters, we strive to maintain and preserve the family relationship. We work to mediate disputes to reach an amicable resolution. When all parties walk away as happy as they can be considering the situation, we have done our job.
  • Savvy business sense. Graham Norris is a business-owner and has a deep understanding of the financial issues involved in your divorce. In fact, many lawyers refer cases involving the division of a retirement fund or pension to Mr. Norris to create a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). If you are concerned about the financial consequences of your divorce, we can provide the advice and guidance you need.
  • Personal attention. We believe that you deserve personal attention and quality customer service. We promptly return all telephone calls and emails. Your family law matter is important to us and we want to help.

Providing a broad range of legal services

At Norris Law Group, P.C., we provide compassionate, realistic and clear advice on the following family law matters:

  • Divorce. Whether your divorce is amicable or highly disputed, we have years of experience negotiating and litigating all issues related to dissolving a marriage.
  • Alimony and property division. It is important that you receive suitable spousal support and maintenance for yourself and any children in your custodial care. We are also proficient in protecting your interests in dividing assets and property, including any debt.
  • Child custody and support. Your children are a couple’s most important concern when divorcing, so it is our goal to advocate for your child’s best interests. We work to establish your rights to child custody, child support, visitation and parenting time with your children.
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). A QDRO is required in any divorce proceeding where the benefits of a pension or other retirement plan are split between the actual beneficiary and the beneficiary’s spouse. We are the “go-to” law firm in Utah when a QDRO is needed.
  • Adoption. The adoption process can be intimidating, but we walk you through each step until your family is complete.
  • Prenuptial agreements. If you would like to make financial agreements with your future spouse, we can create a prenuptial agreement to meet your needs.

We also assist our clients with matters such as business formation, contract disputes, negotiating, drafting and enforcement of contracts, asset protection, estate planning and employment discrimination complaints.

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