Are you considering starting or expanding your business in Wyoming? A Wyoming Limited Liability Company, or Wyoming LLC, might be the right choice for you and your business.

Wyoming was the first state to allow the creation of Limited Liability Companies beginning in 1977, and Wyoming LLCs have become increasingly popular over the years among savvy business people for a number of reasons. These include (but are not limited to):

No State Income Tax in Wyoming
Wyoming charges no state income tax on businesses or individuals, which may save you and your company a significant amount of money if you choose to establish a Wyoming LLC.

Low Startup Costs
In keeping with its reputation of being extremely “business friendly,” the state of Wyoming charges no initial fees for business licenses or to file as an officer of a company. When it comes time to renew your licenses, the renewal fee is often as low as $50. This makes Wyoming one of the best and most cost-efficient states in which to incorporate in the entire country.

Freedom to Incorporate from Anywhere
You do not have to live in Wyoming or even house your business within the state to establish a Wyoming LLC. Wyoming also makes it very easy to move your existing company to Wyoming from most locations throughout the world.

Citizens of the United States and most non-U.S. residents are eligible to set up a Limited Liability Company in Wyoming, although residents of other countries need to follow certain rules, and citizens of the following countries are not eligible to establish an LLC in Wyoming:

Privacy for Partners
Wyoming does not require the names of main partners or limited partners in an LLC to be made public, affording members of Wyoming LLCs a high degree of privacy.

Personal Asset Protection
A Wyoming LLC also offers all partners in the LLC maximum personal asset protection in the event that the LLC is involved in a lawsuit or if creditors try to take assets from the company. Any creditors who may come to an LLC to demand payment of debts may not force the saleor seize assets as payment for any outstanding debts owed to the creditor. Creditors may obtain a charging order from the court in an attempt to exact payment for debts. It may be possible for the court to demand that the LLC members pay the debt, but the creditor would not be able to take control of the LLC or to obtain ownership rights for the corporation.

Partnership with the Wyoming Corporate Services
Our firm works in partnership with The Wyoming Corporation on the creation of Wyoming LLCs. Our Wyoming LLC package includes the following:

  • Fully managed Wyoming LLC
  • Drafting of Articles of Organization
  • One year Wyoming registered agent service
  • One year monthly mail forwarding through attorney’s office
  • Public record nominee service (articles / annual report only)
  • Attorney maintenance ofLLC owner’s confidential contact information
  • Attorney interactions with registered agent
  • Attorney-executed registered agent agreement and mail forwarding agreement for LLC
  • Corporate record kit with template forms to operate business
  • Attorney assistance in obtaining Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Cost: $1895 USD. Services may be renewed annually for $1005.00 USD

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