The Most “Wonderful” Time of the Year?

by Norris Law Group on December 16, 2013

As the season marches on, you may be attending parties full of couples, and seeing happy families enjoying holiday activities together. But if you are considering a divorce, or are even in the divorce process, you may be thinking that this “time of the year” feels anything but “wonderful.”

In a blog reprinted in the Huffington Post, New York divorce attorney Meghan Leia Richardson writes that statistics show that you may be just one of myriad Americans who may be struggling through “just one more” holiday season with your spouse. Richardson says that she notes a marked increase in divorce filings right after the New Year: “After the tree lights come down, my phone lights up.” She attributes this spike to the fact that “the holidays have a special magic that no one wants to disturb,” and likens the announcement of your intent to divorce to a “grenade” which has the power to destroy the holidays for you and your loved ones.

Richardson suggests some ideas which may help you survive “forced family gatherings” and “faked merriment:”

  • Don’t “guilt yourself” into making bad choices. Be aware that any guilt you may feel about intending to “lob the divorce grenade” in January may inspire you to make promises you can’t keep, or even to overspend on gifts—the bills for which may then become part of yet another fight with your spouse.
  • Do your best to avoid fights. After all, you may be putting off a divorce announcement to avoid conflict in the first place.
  • Organize your finances, including holiday bills, paystubs, tax returns, and other important documents (retirement accounts, insurance policies, etc.). All of these will be helpful—and necessary–to your divorce case.
  • Cut yourself some slack. Don’t take on more than you feel you can handle. If you want to skip some activities, feel free to do so.

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