Is Video Game Addiction Contributing to Divorce?

by Norris Law Group on December 13, 2013

video-game-addictionThe Deseret News reports that in a 2011 study by “Divorce Online,” fifteen percent of female respondents claimed that their husbands’ persistent playing of videogames contributed to their desire to file for divorce, as compared to just five percent the year before, as reported by the Daily Mail. The study examined 200 petitions of divorce based on “unreasonable behavior.”

According to the Daily Mail, most wives blamed World of Warcraft, a Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMOG) in which gamers can create their own fantasy character(s) and pursue “quests,” and Call Of Duty, an MMOG where gamers battle in realistic theaters of war.

One woman reported in the Daily Mail that her husband’s obsession with World of Warcraft was the “final straw” in her decision to file for divorce:  “He was addicted to World of Warcraft but played other games now and then. The amount he was playing gradually increased until I could not take it any more…When it became serious, he was playing up to eight hours a day. I was constantly trying to get him to cut back but he didn’t think he had a problem until I told him I wanted to leave. But by that time it was too late.”

The Deseret News also notes that not everyone agrees with the finding of the study by Divorce Online, including some at professional gaming sites such as Computer and Video Games.com, which disputes the data collection and research methods used by Divorce Online, and Spong.com, which cautions that men may use videogames to “escape” from relationships which may already be unhappy.

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