What is Utah Divorce Code 30-3-33?

by Norris Law Group on April 7, 2014

21134464_sThe phrase “Utah Divorce Code 30-3-33” may have come up as part of discussions you have had with your divorce attorney or as part of your divorce proceedings. If you have children and are seeking a Utah divorce, you should know exactly what Utah Divorce Code 30-3-33 is and how it may affect your life going forward.

Utah Divorce Code 30-3-33 provides “Advisory Guidelines”  that govern “parent-time arrangements” following a Utah divorce. The code is comprised of 18 “suggestions” for organizing parent-time schedules, and offers some flexibility in order to serve the needs of Utah families.

The first five suggestions are:

  1. Parent-time schedules mutually agreed upon by both parents are preferable to a court-imposed solution.
  2. The parent-time schedule shall be utilized to maximize the continuity and stability of the child’s life.
  3. Special consideration shall be given by each parent to make the child available to attend family functions including funerals, weddings, family reunions, religious holidays, important ceremonies, and other significant events in the life of the child or in the life of either parent which may inadvertently conflict with the parent-time schedule.
  4. The responsibility for the pick-up, delivery, and return of the child shall be determined by the court when the parent-time order is entered, and may be changed at any time a subsequent modification is made to the parent-time order.
  5. If the noncustodial parent will be providing transportation, the custodial parent shall have the child ready for parent-time at the time the child is to be picked up and shall be present at the custodial home or shall make reasonable alternate arrangements to receive the child at the time the child is returned.

It may be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with Utah Divorce Code 30-3-33, as well as Sections 30-3-35 and 30-3-35.5, which we will address in a separate post.

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