Top 20 Tough Realities of Divorce, Part 1

by Norris Law Group on January 6, 2014

new_life_next_exitAre you a child of divorce who has grown up and is now experiencing divorce in your own marriage?

Pamela Cytrynbaum, Executive Director of The Chicago Innocence Project and former member of the faculties of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and Oregon State University’s New Media Communications program offers some thoughts in Psychology Today about this particular phenomenon based on her own experiences (also see Part 2 here):

1. Grow up: This is not your parents’ divorce. It’s yours.

2. Kids’ best interests: Your children are having their own experiences. Allow them to express themselves, and protect them in the process.

3. Best selves:  If your marriage began as a friendship, and your divorce renews that friendship, consider it to be a blessing to all involved.

4. Root of all evil: Splitting up assets is not fun, nor is not having any assets to split.

Bottom of Form

5Crazy Town: You and your ex-spouse will invariably “lose your minds” at some point during the divorce. Hopefully, it won’t happen at the same time.

6. Better halves: Sometimes, there really is a “better half” in a marriage. You and your ex-spouse each have a chance to claim that title. Earn it.

7. Prepare to be amazed: Some actions may truly be unforgiveable, and you may not always be able to predict which ones fall into that category.

8. Built to last: You really are capable of forgiveness—no matter how bad things may get.

9. Fight or Flight: If you become frightened during the divorce process, you may be surprised at how petty, vindictive and even mean you can be.

10. From a safe distance: Some of the things that tore apart your marriage may actually keep you and your ex-spouse connected in your divorce.

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