Ten Tips for Handling the Holidays with Children after a Divorce (Part 2)

by Norris Law Group on December 25, 2014

Our last installment discussed the first five of ten tips from Dr. Robert Emory from Psychology Today to help you get through the holidays with your ex-spouse while still making them fun for your children. Dr. Emory’s next five tips are as follows:

6. Pay attention to detail. Work out the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of all of your children’s holiday activities with your former spouse, including how and when your children may be exchanged from one parent to the other. This will help your children will feel more secure, and should avoid unnecessary frustration for you and your ex.

7. Celebrate with your ex-spouse. Even if it’s difficult, consider celebrating at least part of the holidays together with your children and your ex, especially if you separated or divorced recently.

8. Set up a plan for next year. Make plans for next year now (or soon after New Year’s). Both you and your ex will likely be happy to get next year’s holiday plans out of the way, and your children may enjoy looking forward to all the fun you’ll have even more.

9. Make plans in advance with your extended family. Let both sets of grandparents and any other family members who expect to see your children know about your holiday plans for the following year. You may have to reject a few invitations, and your holidays may be a little different than they have been in the past, but hopefully both your families will understand that you and your ex are just trying to make your children’s needs your priority.

10. Create traditions with your children. Maintain old traditions with your children if you can, and establish new ones. Traditions will give your children a treasure trove of memories to last a lifetime.

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