Study: Men Who Stay Married Make More Money

by Norris Law Group on June 17, 2014

Study: Men Who Stay Married Make More MoneyThe Deseret News reports of a joint study done by Patrick Fagan, Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) and Henry Potrykus, a senior fellow at MARRI (a subsidiary of the Family Research Council). Fagan and Potrykus examined census data on income, and then compared the earnings of married men to that of divorced men over several decades. Their study found that over time, men who remained in their marriages earned more than men who had been divorced and men who never married. Income growth went down among all groups, but the income growth levels for divorced men were far lower per year over the course of forty years (1%) as opposed to a 2% income growth rate for married men.

Henry Potrykus tells Whitney Evans of the Deseret News that marriage is a key economic growth factor that actually comprises somewhere from a third to a fourth of human growth. This statistic means that after the labor pool, marriage is second-largest contributor to human growth. In the event of a divorce, economic growth vanishes. According to Potrykus, “You’re dealing with long-term difference in a society being affluent or falling off of that.”

If a man divorces, the study found that productivity and earnings often go down, at least temporarily. This could be due a short-term depression experienced by the divorced men. Rodrick Walters, a divorced father who was interviewed for the article, says that this happened to him, but he worked through it for the sake of his young daughter. Walters has some advice for divorced fathers going through a similar time: “Don’t focus on the negative of what’s going on. Just focus on the beauty of what lies ahead. Don’t give the situation more merit than is needed. Just focus on the big picture and the big picture is your children.”

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