Starting a Business in Idaho: Government Requirements

by Norris Law Group on September 4, 2014

Starting a Business in Idaho: Government RequirementsStarting a business in Idaho? Great! You’re pursuing the “American Dream,” and the kind of freedom and independence that the Great Mountain West has promised its residents for centuries.

But as you get your business off the ground, you may run into some requirements from the local, state and federal governments that ask you to provide information about your business. The State of Idaho offers a series of business resources for entrepreneurs and business owners, including a list of the kinds of government requirements you may have to meet in order to start or maintain your business.

These government regulations can include:

  • Business Registration, including the Idaho Business Wizard (BizWiz), that can help you know what regulations apply to your business
  • Licensing Regulations
  • Tax Information, including regulations, credits and resources
  • Uniform Commercial Code (According to the SBA, the UCC is a series of laws that govern business throughout the US.)
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Labor Regulations (both state and federal)
  • Environmental Regulations

Of course, not all of these may apply to your business. But it is highly likely that many of them will. A conversation with an experienced Idaho business law attorney can help you successfully “navigate the waters” of local, state, and federal regulations.

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