Small Business Challenges before the Wyoming Legislature in 2015

by Norris Law Group on December 29, 2014

Wyoming State LegislatureThe 63rd Wyoming Legislature is scheduled to convene on January 13, 2015. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), three issues will likely pose a challenge to small businesses based in Wyoming:

  1. “Stopping Small-Business Lawsuits:” Wyoming already has laws in place to prevent hiring discrimination. These laws do not, however, prevent the legal industry from trying to alter the laws so that they might negatively affect Wyoming small-business owners. Even frivolous lawsuits can cost employers tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in attorney fees. These costs can even lead to the end of the business itself.
  2. “Protecting the Right to Hire Independent Contractors:” Unions have tried to eliminate independent contractors in favor of forcing them to be classified as employees for decades. Two attempts to get rid of independent contracting came before the Wyoming legislature in the last session, and 2015 will likely see more attempts. The NFIB vows to step in once again to help keep Wyoming competitive with neighboring states.
  3. “Preventing Workers’ Compensation Premium Increases:” Workers’ compensation is one of the highest costs of doing business in nearly every state. While workers’ comp premiums in Wyoming  low compared to those in many states, every legislative session sees some effort to change the modification ratings that determine these premiums. Again, the NFIB promises to try to put a stop to any “tinkering” with the workers’ compensation system in Wyoming.

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