SLC Think Tank Defends UT Adoption Statutes

by Norris Law Group on March 7, 2014

21134464_sThe Salt Lake City Tribune reports that a local think tank known for taking on politically conservative causes is defending Utah’s adoption law along with the restrictions that it puts on unwed fathers. In an amicus brief, the Sutherland Institute argues that a “natural family” that consists of a married man and woman is the most ideal environment in which to raise children.

This marks the first time the Sutherland Institute has commented on an adoption case with its claim that such families are the “fundamental unit of society,” which the group says the state’s adoption statutes also uphold.

The institute filed the brief in opposition to an appeal filed by Bobby L. Nevares, of Colorado, saying that Nevares is making a “novel claim” intended to subvert Utah’s adoption laws by asking the court to create “a new, nebulous requirement” that would allow “late contests” from out-of-state fathers who fail to preserve their paternity rights before a birth mother put a child up for adoption in Utah. Nevares is contesting a Utah judge’s decision to deny his paternity petition and block his attempt to get custody of his son, who was born and placed for adoption in Utah nearly four years ago.

William C. Duncan, an attorney for the not-for-profit Sutherland Institute, said the group filed the brief after noting a movement in recent years to provide more rights for unwed fathers in Utah adoptions. Utah’s adoption laws are generally seen to be among the most restrictive in the country regarding the rights of unmarried fathers.

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