Robert Bennett: The Two-Parent Family is “Good Economics”

by Norris Law Group on May 8, 2014

Robert Bennett: The Two-Parent Family is “Good Economics”Robert Bennett, a former U.S. Senator from Utah and currently a teacher and researcher at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics, offers his opinions in the Deseret News about the benefits of a two-parent family staying together.

Bennett refers to the fact that Bill DeBlasio, the new mayor of New York City, and other Democrats are pushing “income inequality” as a relevant theme for the upcoming Fall 2014 election cycle. These politicians cite recent data that show that the income gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever, and propose solutions such as raising the minimum wage considerably.

But Bennett counters that many fiscally conservative economists would not agree that raising the minimum wage would be an effective solution. Bennett also says that this debate has become a “battle of statistics,” and maintains that another statistic from the past may actually tell the story better: data that show that the income gap may be directly correlated to whether a family has one parent or two parents.

Bennett cites a 1965 paper titled The Negro Family: The Case for National Action by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Lyndon Johnson, and later a U.S. senator from Massachusetts. In 1965, Moynihan wrote that many African-Americans faced a “grim” economic future, as 25 percent of them were being born to women who were not married at that time, as compared to only 3 percent of white mothers having children out of wedlock.

Moynihan’s work was decried as being “racist” back in 1965, and while many may do so to this day, data from a recent study by the Brookings Institution show that these numbers have only increased, and also propose a solution:

“The rate of out-of-wedlock births has grown to 70 percent for blacks, 30 percent for whites and over 50 percent for Hispanics. Couple that fact with America’s high divorce rate and it means that roughly 25 percent of America’s children now live in single-parent homes and around 33 percent of them do not live with their biological fathers… 

“…children can be saved from poverty if they do the following four things: Finish high school, get a job, don’t have children until they get married, and then, get married. Those growing up in two-parent homes are those most likely to have mentors and role models that will confirm that.”

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