Is a Prenup Right for You and Your Fiancé?

by Norris Law Group on July 24, 2014

Is a Prenup Right for You and Your Fiancé?If you’re getting married and have been dreading bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé, you’re not alone. Many engaged couples are skittish about talking about getting a prenups, for fear that they’ll be accused of not being romantic or not having complete faith that the marriage is going to work out. LearnVest, a website dedicated to personal financial planning, goes over what exactly prenups are .

What is a prenup?

LearnVest contributor Allison Kade spoke with NYC-based divorce attorney Sandra Schpoont, who says that just about any financial information can be included in a prenup, and they can be tailored to the needs of each couple. She also says that prenups are becoming more common, as couples wait to marry at a later age and women enter marriages with assets of their own.

A prenuptial agreement is always done prior to a marriage, and sets the “ground rules” for the disbursement of assets in the event of a divorce.

Schpoont says that a prenups may include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Instructions on how to divide assets;
  • Details about which spouse will keep which items;
  • How to divide the family home or other real estate;
  • How to fairly divide debt;
  • Financial support for a spouse who stays home to take care of the family;
  • How long one spouse and/or the children may stay in the family home after a divorce;
  • Spousal support or alimony;
  • Inheritances for children or stepchildren.

Schpoont adds that pretty much any stipulation the couple wants (within legal reason) can be added to a prenups. For example, she says that one soon-to-be bride with whom she worked wanted to add a “no cheating” clause to encourage her fiancé to remain faithful. That couple never walked down the aisle—perhaps for the best.

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