New Year’s Resolutions for Co-Parents, Part 1

by Norris Law Group on January 9, 2014

coparenting_150Pamela Cytrynbaum, Executive Director of The Chicago Innocence Project and former member of the faculties of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and Oregon State University’s New Media Communications program offers suggestions for 10 “New Year’s Resolutions” in Psychology Today about how you can co-parent—and co-exist—peacefully with your ex-spouse, and work with your ex in the best interest of your child(ren):

In the New Year, resolve to:

1. Breathe First: Before you do, say, or even text anything to your ex – especially in front of your kids – remember to breathe first.

2. Communicate Clearly:  A lot can go wrong because of simple miscommunication. You and your ex—and even your kids—can remind each other of important dates and deadlines. If you need to communicate with your ex, try to keep emotions out of emails and text messages. Use communication methods that best fit your relationships. For example, if talking is difficult, maybe set up an online Google calendar to keep track of events.

3. Don’t Let Resentments Build: If something is bothering you, try to bring it up before you fight about it. This may prevent a fight about it.

4. Eyes on the Prize: What are your goals? Are your words, actions and behavior moving toward that goal or pushing you far from it?

5. Have (Broken) Family Meetings: You, your ex, and your children are still a family, no matter what. Present a “united front” to your kids, and show them that you cannot be “divided and conquered.” Meet regularly as a parental unit to solve problems. Sync your calendars and keep the lines of communication open (see Part 2 here).

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