These are basic instructions for posting blogs to client websites.

  1. Each post should focus on a single keyphrase – keyphrase should be in the title and in the body of the post
  2. Each post should have one (possibly more) category
  3. Each post should have at least 2 tags, more if possible. Should always be related to post. NOTE: tags must be used.
  4. Each post should contain one image, at the top of the article, float left or right, as you choose.
  5. Image must have Keyword Alt Tag
  6. Yoast SEO, at the bottom of the post admin, should be completed (Focus Keyword, SEO Title and Description)
  7. Each post should have a thumbnail image (see below:)

To have a thumbnail appear beside the Excerpt on the blog of a client site, please follow these steps:

  1. Upload your image. NOTE: Please do not upload extremely large images. It slows down the entire site, even though you do resize them when you add them to a post.
  2. Locate the complete URL for the image that will be the thumbnail.
    NOTE: When you insert a different size of an image (there’s usually full size, medium, thumbnail) the image name (image.jpg) has the image name with the size added to the end of the image name. When you upload, WP automatically makes all 3 of those sizes. That means, when you put in your image name in the thumbnail section, you can ADD the additional size name to it, and it will be square. You just have to make sure you make your adjustments correctly.
    The additional file name is ‘-150×150.jpg’Example:
    Original image:×150.jpg1


  1. Take that URL that you created above and insert it into the ‘POST THUMBNAIL’ area:

    NOTE: You can ignore the other settings (position and size) because I have coded (most!) of the sites to override those settings and automatically make a nice, aligned and bordered thumbnail image.

  2. Click publish or update.
  3. Be sure to check the blog page (or front page depending on how the site is set up) to confirm that the thumbnail was inserted correctly.
  4. Questions? Email


When you wrote the post, you should have chosen a KEYWORD / PHRASE. Enter that information in the ‘FOCUS KEYWORD’ area. Add the SEO Title – include the keyword / phrase. Add the SEO META DESCRIPTION. Add the PHONE NUMBER if it makes sense in the context of the description.