Five “Nuances” of Divorce for the New Year

by Norris Law Group on January 3, 2014

mediationJanuary may be the month when many couples file choose for divorce. Some may want to avoid upsetting the family traditions during the holiday season. For others, the New Year may symbolize “a fresh start.” More pragmatic couples may divorce in January simply for tax reasons, as separated couples don’t have to file a joint tax return for that year.

Lifestyle expert Kerry Zane became aware of five additional “nuances” during her own divorce process, and shares them in an article in the Huffington Post.

  1. Your life will change. Zane writes that no one may tell you just how much your life—and perhaps your standard of living—changes when your household has only one income rather than two. Expenses such as the mortgage and utilities often double, while expenses which your spouse used to pay for are now your responsibility. It may be advisable to itemized list all expenses. This information may help you as you proceed through your divorce.
  2. Lawyers [speak their own language]. Lawyers may have a tendency to speak in “jargon.” Never be afraid to ask your attorney to explain anything. You have a right to know and understand every aspect of your divorce process.
  3. Watch lawyers’ charges. Your lawyers should be able to account for and explain every charge on the bill they send you.
  4. [Don’t be afraid to question your attorneys]. You understand your own personal situation better than anyone. While your attorneys should always give your best advice they can, their questions may not address any deeper emotional, mental or financial issues which may arise. Ask them to provide you with alternative scenario, and feel free to get second opinions. For example, if you have any questions about your family home, you should consult with a real estate professional.
  5. Nobody [really] “wins.” Divorce can be mentally, physically and fiscally draining. It may help to approach the divorce process as an opportunity to release any emotional “attachments” to your former spouse and the life you shared. It may be a good idea to seek out a professional therapist if you find yourself having trouble doing so.

Finally, Zane suggests that you “prepare yourself” if you choose to divorce in the New Year, and adds that your health, happiness and well-being and that of your children should always be your first priority.

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