The Facebook “Time Suck:” Is it Hurting Your Marriage?

by Norris Law Group on September 30, 2014

In an article of September 24, 2014, Herb Scribner of the Deseret News suggests that Facebook may actually be harming the marriages of its users in some ways. He notes that Facebook may have become such as “time suck” for some people that it may actually be taking them away from their important relationships “IRL” (in real life). This week, we’ll examine eight behaviors involving Facebook that could lead to trouble in your marriage.The Facebook “Time Suck:” Is it Hurting Your Marriage?

  1. “You’re checking Facebook on your phone, instead of talking to your spouse.” According to the London Daily Mail, new research finds that people spend more time on their cell phones than with their spouses. While people use their phones for around two hours (119 minutes per day), they only spend about 97 minutes with their spouses.
  1. “You care more about what other people post than what your spouse does.” Have you ever heard of “the Instagram effect?” This refers to a person seeming to be more interested in what friends and family are posting on Facebook than in what your spouse is doing right in front of you. Instagram now has upwards of 150 million users—many of whom use Facebook as well), so users are likely to see some things on either Instagram or Facebook take may their attention away from their husbands or wives.

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