Your Facebook “Likes” May Hurt Those Whom Love You In Real Life

by Norris Law Group on October 1, 2014

Your Facebook “Likes” May Hurt Those Whom Love You In Real LifeHerb Scribner of the Deseret News compiled a series of articles and studies that provide some interesting information about how and why time spent on Facebook and other social media sites might actually be negatively affecting marriages. This week, we’re taking a look at the eight Facebook behaviors that he suggests might be doing marriages more harm than good.

  1. “You’re not liking your loved one’s status.”  While this may seem simple—and maybe even a little silly—it can be significant. Some blogs and dating websites suggest that “liking” a person’s Facebook statuses implies interest in the “likee” by the “liker.” Failing to “like” the statuses of your spouse may come across to him or her as a lack of attention, or even that you are ignoring your spouse.
  1. “You like someone else’s statuses way too much.”  Facebook itself provides data that shows heavy Facebook activity between new couples. Sharing of Facebook posts and “likes” increase within the 100 days before a new relationship begins. But if you like the statuses and pictures of people outside of your relationship a bit too much, you may be giving the impression that you’re not really in a relationship—and even that you may be looking for a way out of it.

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