With (Facebook) Friends Like These…You May Wind Up in Divorce Court

by Norris Law Group on October 2, 2014

With (Facebook) Friends Like These…You May Wind Up in Divorce CourtIn an article published on September 24, 2014 Herb Scribner of the Deseret News suggests that Facebook use may actually be harming marriages. This week, we’re examining eight Facebook habits and trends that could ultimately spell trouble for your marriage.

  1. “[Be] careful with some of those Facebook friends.”  You and your spouse probably have mutual friends “IRL” (in real life) as well as in Facebook. But handle them wisely, as failing to do so can lead to problems.  According to research done by the Pew Research Center, half of Facebook’s users have upwards of 200 “friends.” This increases the likelihood that married couples will share some Facebook friends. But take care to ensure that none of your Facebook friends is going to make negative comments about your relationship or your spouse. Doing so can lead to problems within your marriage and within your “real” and “virtual” network of friends as well.
  1. “You quit Facebook, but you still ask questions about it.”According to research cited by the London Daily Mail, more and more people are committing “virtual identity suicide” and leaving Facebook and other social networking sites. Concerns about privacy and even getting
    “addicted” to social media are cited as reasons for the departure. But even when some people have left Facebook, they may still ask their spouses questions about what’s going on in the social network, including with whom their spouses are interacting, what they’ve been posting and what they recently saw on Facebook. This “third degree” can come across as a lack of trust, and that may lead to arguments and even resentment.

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