How Your Divorce May Affect Your Child’s Schoolwork

by Norris Law Group on January 8, 2014

too-much-homeworkDivorce can be just as hard on your kids as it is for you. Kristin Kane writes in Parenting Magazine about a study at Ohio State University-Mansfield that found that your children’s self-esteem and academic performance may be affected even before you and your spouse actually split up. The study also found that while self-confidence will likely come back over time, your children’s test scores may continue to decline.

The study’s co-author, Dr. Yongmin Sun, says that this is because while a child’s emotions may be resilient, poor study habits and grades can “snowball.” If children don’t learn good study habits, they can have difficulty keeping up academically. Dr. Sun, an assistant professor of sociology, also says, “Divorce is a process, not just an event.” While your divorce will definitely affect your child(ren), you may be able to minimize the damage making sure you and your ex do the following (both before and after the divorce):

  • Shower your children with lots of personal attention. Give them a break from household tensions and show them they are still deeply loved. Even small gestures can mean a lot.
  • Be aware of how your children feel about school. Simple things like just asking about your child’s day or how you may be able to assist with homework may help. Set aside time each day to talk about school.
  • Seek counseling. Both you and your child(ren) may benefit from speaking to a professional therapist. It may be easier to discuss problems in that environment.
  • Be informed. Attend as many school events as possible and communicate with teachers so that you are up to speed about your child(ren)’s classroom performance.
  • Hire a tutor. A tutor can help target and deal with any academic problems your child(ren) may be having. Ask teachers, friends, or even your local library for a referral.

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