Divorce & the Holidays: The 5 Best Things You Can Do for Yourself and Your Kids

by Norris Law Group on November 26, 2013

Four frowning male and female gingerbread cookies broken into piecesSusan Pease Gadoua, LCSW and author of Contemplating Divorce, writes in Psychology Today that the holiday season may be the most “emotionally charged time of the year.” For those who may be thinking about divorce, separated, or newly divorced, the holidays can be especially difficult. Gadoua offers some strategies for “surviving” the holidays:

1) Build a new series of rituals for yourself and your child(ren). Go to a new vacation spot or try new activities together.

2) Avoid gatherings which may lead to negative feelings. If you don’t want to be the only single person at a “couples” event, don’t feel obligated to go.

3) Let your friends and colleagues know that you may need to make last minute decisions as to whether to attend or stay at a party. Ask them for their compassion and understanding as you go through this period of change.

4) Try to avoid “commercial” holiday ads and activities—if at all possible! While you may be inundated with ads and opportunities to purchase gifts, if you’re not feeling up to the spirit of those who are extolling the “most wonderful time of the year,” that’s perfectly okay.

5) Be kind to yourself. You are “going through something,” and it is important to recognize that “it won’t always be like this.” Sadness, depression, and fear will all likely fade with time.

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