Discipline After Divorce

by Norris Law Group on December 9, 2013

discipline_children_150 After a divorce, parents may find themselves further at odds with one another if they try to discipline their child(ren) with two different sets of “house rules.” In an article in Parenting Magazine, Lynn Fredericks offers some guidelines for maintaining stability in multiple households:

  • Practice Teamwork. Make an effort to communicate with your ex and devise a plan of how to work together to discipline your child(ren) together. Always be courteous to one another, meet in a public venue, set an agenda, and keep good notes of your mutual decisions.
  • Don’t Worry If You Can’t Agree. If you and your ex-spouse simply cannot come to an agreement, feel free to set the rules for your own house. Children should be able to adapt to and obey rules in varied environments (home, daycare/school, a grandparent’s home, etc.)
  • Stick to Your Rules. Consistency is key. Children will very likely test their—and your—limits. Don’t worry about seeming “mean.” Be firm, but fair. Children benefit from the security that a disciplined environment provides.
  • Keep Penalties Housebound.  Expect that the rules of your own house—and any punishments your child(ren) may suffer from breaking them—will ONLY be followed in your home. Don’t expect your ex to enforce your rules for you. If you and your ex do agree that the same penalties for bad behavior will apply in both homes, discuss which “infractions” you plan to share with one another.
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