“You Complete Me” May Just be a Line from a Movie

by Norris Law Group on May 16, 2014

“You Complete Me” May Just be a Line from a MovieIn his Oscar-nominated role in Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise wins back Renee Zellweger with what has become one of the classic lines in American cinema: “You complete me.”

While it may be a “great line,” translating that idea into real life may not be such a good idea. Russell Friedman, the executive director of the Grief Recovery Institute, writes about why this may be the case in Psychology Today.

Friedman notes that it is commonly believed that the marriage divorce rate for first marriages is approximately 50 percent, although more conservative estimates from http://www.divorcerate.org  put it around 41 percent. But DivorceRate.org also says that the divorce rates for second and third marriage divorce rates are substantially higher, at 60 percent and 73 percent respectively.

This may seem counterintuitive, as one might think that second and third marriages should last longer, as the partners may have matured and “learned more.” But Friedman opines that these later marriages may take place because divorced people are trying to “fill a void” left by the failure of their first marriages. Friedman says that it is not really possible for another person to “complete” another; in order to be truly happy, we must feel “complete” all on our own, whether or not we are in relationships.

Friedman concludes by saying, “Don’t let your relationship past dictate what does or doesn’t happen in your relationship future.”

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