Colorado Father Fights for Custody of his Daughter after Utah Adoption

by Norris Law Group on April 21, 2014

manzanares_babyFor some time, this blog has followed the story of Robert Manzanares, who has been fighting in Utah and Colorado courts for his young daughter Kaia.  After a protracted court battle covering two states, in March 2014 Manzanares was granted the right to visit his child, who still lives in Colorado with her adoptive parents.  Fox News’ Alicia Acuna recently started covering the story, which has been featured online and on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly.

Manzanares is the first father to have some success against Utah’s fraud immunity statute (7B-6-106), under which an adoption cannot be overturned, even it is has been proven that one or more parties in the adoption lied or otherwise committed fraud during the adoption process. Manzanares took his case to the Utah Supreme Court, which found that the fraud in his case was so egregious that the adoption was dismissed. According to Manzanares  “[The Utah Supreme Court] really threw the book at the family, the attorneys and the mother and said we can no longer accept this fraud in Utah which is written into their adoption code.”

Although the adoption was overturned, the single father’s legal battles are not yet over. The Utah Supreme Court sent Manzarares back to Colorado to resolve the request for custody he made to the family courts in that state. He had also filed a paternity petition before Kaia’s birth. A Colorado judge has awarded Manzares joint custody of his daughter, but also decided that her adoptive parents are her “psychological parents” because they provided the only home the girl has ever known.

As of this writing, Manzanares’ story is still ongoing. This blog will provide updates to this story as they become available.

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