Close Corporations in Wyoming

by Norris Law Group on August 15, 2014

Close Corporations in WyomingMany Wyoming family businesses set up what is known as a “close corporation.” A close corporation is a corporate entity set up for a company with just a few stockholders, and does not require all the regulations that may be affect corporations with more stockholders. While technically a corporation in the eyes of the state, a Wyoming close corporation may be run more like a partnership, but may not have more than 35 shareholders. “The Choice is Yours,” an online publication from the WY Secretary of State’s office, explains close corporations in detail on pp. 12 & 13.

Advantages of a Close Corporation in Wyoming

  • Limited liability – shareholders take on personal liability
  • Easier and less expensive to operate than a C-Corporation (no board of directors, “relaxed corporate governance”)
  • “Deadlock prevention:” deadlocked decisions may be resolved in court to avoid harm to the close corporation
  • Shareholders may buy out a deceased shareholder’s interest (per any existing shareholder agreements).

Disadvantages of a Close Corporation in Wyoming

  • Limited ability to transfer ownership transfer
  • Limit of 35 shareholders may also limit access to capital
  • May be expensive and complicated to set up
  • Must make yearly filings, like any other WY corporation
  • Subject to double taxation unless the close corporation qualifies as an “S” corporation with the IRS.

Do you think a Wyoming close corporation may be right for your? Speak with an attorney experienced in Wyoming business law and setting up Wyoming corporations.

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