The Benefits of “Epic Marriage”

by Norris Law Group on December 4, 2013

Rachel Clark is a science writer, biologist, and mother. In her blog entitled Marriage, Divorce, Reconcile, she chronicles her journey from an unhappy marriage to divorce to reconciliation with her ex-spouse, whom she went on to remarry.

In one of her blog posts, she opines that since traditional marriage is often attacked in modern society as being “archaic” or “impossible to maintain,” that may explain why many have become accustomed to “quick and easy” divorce. But then she goes on to extol what she sees as the virtues of “epic marriage,” particularly marriages which involve children.

Clark quotes the 2011 National Marriage Project, which states, “The intact, biological, married family remains the gold standard for family life in the United States. Children are most likely to thrive-economically, socially, and psychologically-in this family form.”

She goes on to write “about the huge, unsung contributions to us all that good marriages [bring to us all]…the ones whose partnerships spin an extended web of community and support systems: creating security and stability not only for their own children, but for their friends, neighbors, other children, and well beyond…They are generative. They create. They inspire. They model unconditional love and relationship success…[a]nd, by the way, they also spawn a host of health benefits (including reducing the impacts of stress and mental health problems, and increasing longevity, among others…”

According to Clark, the children of such “epic marriages” are spared a great deal of stress, as well as the sense of loss and/or stability experienced by children of divorced families, and cautions against forgetting about the power of “epic marriages” in a national culture in which “no-fault” divorce pervades.

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