Actor Jason Patric May Be Reunited with Son after CA Court Ruling

by Norris Law Group on May 27, 2014

Actor Jason Patric May Be Reunited with Son after CA Court RulingFox News reported on May 15 that actor Jason Patric, known for roles in films such as The Lost Boys and Speed 2: Cruise Control, may soon be reunited with his toddler son Gus, from whom he has been estranged due to the actions of Gus’s mother, Danielle Schreiber, a former girlfriend of Patric’s.

In an interview with ABC News, Patric explained that he and Schreiber decided to have a baby together via in vitro fertilization while they were dating (they never married). When asked why they chose in vitro, Patric said, “I’ve been in a lot of relationships. I was always worried about having a child. … But I was with someone, and I was at a certain age, [with] someone that I trusted and I loved. And so I said, ‘Well, we can try this route.'”

For two years after Gus’s birth, Patric saw his son nearly every day, and developed a strong familial bond with him. But the relationship between Patric and Schreiber was falling apart. One day, Schreiber simply cut off all contact between Patric and Gus. When Patric pursued the matter in court, Schreiber said that Patric was merely a “sperm donor” rather than the boy’s father. But Patric argued that this was simply not true, and that he always intended to be a fully involved father to Gus, citing his previous relationship with his son and his willingness to fight to see his son again. He told ABC News, “I was going to be the ‘intended parent,’ as that says [on IVF forms that he brought to the interview]…The word parent, if you look in the dictionary, means, ‘to beget birth, nourish or raise a child.’ And that was my intention.”

Current California law grants no formal paternal rights to a father who conceives a child by donating sperm and is not married to the mother. This has made Patric’s fight to see his son again extremely difficult, as, in the eyes of the state, he really has no supportable rights to do so. But after a long court battle spanning more than a year, a California judge ruled on May 15 that Patric may pursue custody of his son, primarily because maintaining a relationship with his father is in Gus’s best interest. Patric told Fox News’s Andrea Tantaros, “I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This enables me to go into court and use all the evidence that I’ve always had about Gus, proving that I was his father and the life that we shared together. That’s significant.”

In a separate May 18 article, Fox News writes that this ruling and results of Patric’s fight to see his son may also ultimately affect cases involving in vitro fertilization and the rights of unmarried biological or adoptive parents to seek custody of children, such as the ongoing efforts of some partners in same-sex marriages in Utah to adopt their partner’s biological children. Some Utah state officials face contempt charges if they do not explain to the court their reasons for not allowing same-sex couples to adopt.

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