Actor Jason Patric Declared Legal Father of his Son

by Norris Law Group on November 10, 2014

Actor Jason Patric Declared Legal Father of his SonIn a follow-up to a blog posting of May 27, 2014, actor Jason Patric was declared the legal father of his four-year-old son, Gus in a California court on November 3 according to a report in People magazine, quoting a story broken by TMZ.

Patric and former girlfriend Danielle Schreiber made an agreement to conceive Gus via artificial insemination using Patric’s donated sperm after they had broken up. The couple reunited for a time after Gus was born, and Patric reveled in his role as Gus’ biological father and in establishing a relationship with his young son. But Patric and Schreiber did not marry, and eventually ended their romantic relationship for good.

After this breakup, Schreiber decided to cut Gus off from all contact with his father, to Patric’s surprise. Patric took Schreiber to court in 2013 and sued for custody and visitation. Not only were Patric’s requests denied, but the judge ruled that Patric had no parental rights to Gus, as he was merely a “sperm donor” in the eyes of California law. Patric persevered, and in May 2014, a California appellate court judge ruled that the first judge was in the wrong and that Patric did indeed have the right to fight for custody of his son.

The declaration of Patric as Gus’ legal parent may ultimately pave the way for Patric to be granted custody of his son.

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