Free “Utah Divorce Orientation” Course Offered by Utah State University

by Norris Law Group on December 10, 2013

should_I_keep_tryingUtah State University offers a free, online orientation described on its introductory page as “a resource to individuals who may be thinking about divorce. These individuals are at the ‘crossroads of divorce,’ facing a challenging decision that has consequences for the future of their own lives and the lives of family members.”

The course included a full-text guidebook written by Alan J. Hawkins, Ph.D. and Tamara J. Fackrell, J.D., both faculty members at Brigham Young University. Brian Higgenbotham, Ph.D. is also credited with the development of the program.

The free course covers a number of topics related to the experience of divorce in depth, including:

  • Can unhappy marriages become happy again? How?
  • How common is divorce and what are the reasons?
  • Does divorce help adults become happier?
  • What are the possible consequences of divorce for children?
  • What are the possible consequences of divorce for adults?
  • What are the possible financial consequences of divorce?
  • What are the legal options for divorce?
  • What should I expect during the divorce process?

Additional resources are also offered, including links to find help with issues such as domestic violence, finding the right marriage counselor for you, websites designed to help strengthen marriages, legal resources (including legal aid and mediators), and other Utah state resources.

The Utah Healthy Marriage Handbook is also included as a resource to which participants in the course may turn for answers as they consider whether divorce may be the right option for them.

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