10 Things to Keep in Mind During a Divorce: Moving Forward and Dealing with Family & Friends

by Norris Law Group on July 29, 2014

10 Things to Keep in Mind During a Divorce: Moving Forward and Dealing with Family & Friends Divorce specialist and CEO of Divorce Hotel Jim Halfen suggests in the Huffington Post that divorcing couples should keep 10 things in mind as they go through the process. This blog examines two of these suggestions each day. Yesterday’s blog discussed how mediation or collaborative divorce may shorten your divorce process considerably, along with how procrastination can hurt you in the long run. Next, Halfens suggests to consider the following:

3. “Stop looking back and start to look forward.” Divorce is difficult for most people. While it is important to get the legal process of divorce moving in order to reach a resolution, there is no need to rush through the emotional process. For some, a divorce is like a death; so many hopes and dreams you once had simply aren’t going to come true. It’s sad. Halfens suggests that you feel all of it as healthfully as possible, and then move on. Forgiveness is also important—forgive yourself and try to forgive your ex. Tomorrow is another day.

4. “Do not involve family and friends.” While your first instinct in a divorce may be to immediately turn to your family and friends, these people may actually not make the best counselors. Of course, they will be “on your side,” and it may feel wonderful to get your feelings about the divorce and your ex “off your chest.” They may also have been through divorces themselves, and may offer you tons of advice. But your friends and family also are not likely to be neutral. While this may “feel good” to have people in your corner, it can also actually hurt your divorce process. When it comes to legal matters, you should turn to your mediator or attorneys. They will support you as well, but can also keep the legal process on track without letting emotions get in the way.

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