10 Things to Keep in Mind During a Divorce: Collaboration & Avoiding Procrastination

by Norris Law Group on July 28, 2014

10 Things to Keep in Mind During a Divorce: Collaboration & Avoiding ProcrastinationJim Halfens, a divorce specialist and CEO of Divorce Hotel, suggested in the Huffington Post that there are 10 things that people going through a divorce should keep in mind as they move forward through the process. In the next five blogs, we will examine two of these suggestions each day. Below are the first two:

1. “Never start without considering mediation [or collaborative divorce].”  Halfens says that he is consistently surprised that when he asks people how they would prefer to settle their own divorce, many answer that they want a divorce attorney who is a “fighter.” They also almost never say that they would prefer to settle the divorce without going to court. But Halfens says that it is actually better to keep the divorce out of court if at all possible. In Utah & Wyoming, mediation is a possibility, as is collaborative divorce. In mediation, attorneys are not present, and a neutral mediator works to settle all matters in the divorce. In a collaborative divorce, each party in the divorce does hire an attorney, but a mediator is also present. All parties work together to settle the divorce, and if successful, court is avoided, making these choices much faster and cost-efficient. If mediation or collaborative divorce fails due to an impasse or some other reason, then court is the next option, and attorneys’ fees and court costs begin to rack up.

2. “Do not delay your divorce procedure.” The sooner you get started on your divorce proceeding, the sooner it will be over. Attorneys, forensic accountants, tax specialists, and other professionals who may help with your divorce all charge by the hour. Procrastinating in any of your dealings with these professionals will likely result in higher bills. It may also create more of a chasm between you and your ex-spouse.

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