Utah Child Support Recovery

by Norris Law Group on April 18, 2014

child_supportIf you are considering, going through or have been through the divorce process in Utah and have children, you probably have become very familiar with Utah’s child support laws. In child support cases, the “non-custodial parent” (who often makes the higher salary) is ordered by the Court to pay child support to the “custodial parent” (with whom the child lives most of the time).

In some situations, however, the non-custodial parent fails to keep up with the child support payments, and the payments in arrears must be “recovered.”

If this happens in your situation, the state of Utah can help. The Utah Department of Human Services Office of Recovery Services (ORS) is charged with assisting Utah parents recover unpaid child support. According to the ORS mission statement, the office “serves children and families by promoting independence through responsible parenthood and to ensure public funds are used appropriately.”

Services offered by ORS include:

  • Services on behalf of children and families in obtaining financial and medical support through
    • locating parents
    • establishing paternity and support obligations, and
    • enforcing those obligations when necessary;
  • Services to reimburse the state for costs of supporting children placed in its care and/or custody, by
    • obtaining financial and medical support;
    • through locating parents;
    • establishing paternity and support obligations; and
    • enforcing those obligations when necessary.

If you need help with a child support recovery case, contact ORS directly at 801-536-8500 or go to one of their four local offices in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden or St. George. A skilled Utah family law attorney can also be of tremendous help in recovering overdue child support.

Attorney Graham Norris and his associates at the Norris Law Group serve the residents of Utah County and throughout Utah in the area of divorce and family law. Contact them today at 801-932-1238 or online for a free consultation.

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