Residents of Wyoming, Utah and Idaho: Have You Designated a Health Care Surrogate?

by Norris Law Group on August 21, 2014

Residents of Wyoming, Utah and Idaho: Have You Designated a Health Care Surrogate?A song by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors contains the lyric, “I want you to live forever, underneath the sky so blue…

It’s a pretty safe bet that this is how you feel about your loved ones, and they feel the same about you. But—fortunately or unfortunately—none of is going to live forever. The time may come when you or someone you love is unable to make decisions regarding health care.

This will be a very sad, difficult day. But practical decisions will need to continue. What if you or a loved one is unlikely to survive, or can only survive on life support? What if a disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s strikes you or a family member? What will you do? What can you do?

One action you can take while you are “of sound mind and body” is to legally designate a Health Care Surrogate. A Health Care Surrogate is a person whom you name to make decisions for your health care in the event that you cannot do so yourself. Your Health Care Surrogate should know what your wishes are regarding whether you would want to be kept on life support, whether you would like a member of your faith to visit you while you are ill or incapacitated, whether you have any allergies or objections to any medications or medical treatments, etc. A Health Care Surrogate is very much like a medical Power of Attorney, although a medical Power of Attorney can also sign legal documents for you. You may wish to grant your medical Power of Attorney to your Health Care Surrogate. Speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer to discuss the best course of action for your.

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