Adopted Utah Woman Turns a Disability into an Asset—and Serves Thousands in the Process

by Norris Law Group on June 12, 2014

Adopted Utah Woman Turns a Disability into an Asset—and Serves Thousands in the ProcessOn May 31, 2014, the Deseret News told the story of Utahan Tracey Brough. Tracey, now 44, was born with cerebral palsy, which has left her unable to speak and gives her only limited mobility. Her mother, Janet Brough, says, “At age six, Tracey was living in a foster home in another state when we became aware of her through an adoption service for special needs children. She was sealed to us one year later.”

Tracey had never known a family before—either at home or within a “church family,” to which her parents introduced Tracey when they brought her into the LDS Church. In her new, loving environment, Tracey began to blossom and develop a newfound confidence. Her father, Marshall Brough, says, “Explained by the inner nature she brought with her from the pre-earth life, Tracey’s sense of goodness and purity is innate, and her smile is undeniable.”

Tracey has the use of only her right hand, and while she thrived for 23 years in special needs mutual, it was next to impossible for her to find work. Her father says, “We encountered nothing but roadblocks in searching for work opportunities. Every potential employer seemed to have a good reason why Tracey wouldn’t fit. We decided to consider volunteer work.”

Tracey’s parents and LDS Church leaders were aware of the Church’s name extraction program, and thought that it might provide a great opportunity for Tracey to use her unique talents while serving the Church. Tracey can only type with the index finger on her right hand, but she is meticulous in her work and dedicated to “doing things right.”

Tracey spends up to four hours a day indexing names and entering them into the LDS Church databases. Even though she has physical limitations, Tracey has cataloged around 350,000 names, census records, ship manifests and other genealogical data over the past two decades. “She is an example of someone who has truly consecrated her time, talents and all she has been blessed with to the work of the Lord. She is an inspiration to those who take the time to know her,” according to Arnold Grundvig, director of special needs mutual that Tracey attends.

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